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Governance @ Brick Eagle

Transparency in business and investment practices has been an integral part of our organizational structure and success so far. We at Brick Eagle see ‘Transparency’ and ‘Good Governance’ as two prime components in creating a momentous value to our stakeholders, investors and partners.

We have constituted committees comprising of our investors and advisors, including leaders in business, law and civil servants, to oversee our corporate practices, investment strategies and risk management. We hold pride in ensuring that our eminent investment committee evaluates and approves all our investment decisions.



We also understand the importance of an external body to review and audit our business practices. Brick Eagle has employed the services of internationally renowned consultancy firms like Deloitte to conduct rigorous audits, ensuring that we continue to pursue our vision for affordable housing without compromising on the ‘Best Practices’.



Brick Eagle publishes monthly newsletters and updates its investors and stakeholders on projects and proposed investments. We respect our investors’ right to all relevant information and encourage requests for any additional details on our projects.



We look forth to continue serving our valuable stakeholders, investors, partners and customers by demonstrating our commitment in maintaining a complete transparency on operations.